Download the full version of the game from the following link.


Travel through a futuristic city inspired by  the city of toronto  and  guadalajara, in a rail shooter experience. Destroy  enemies  while you listen to some amazing synth wave music inspired by the 80´s.

Artists' instructions

To fully enjoy the gaming experience, the artist recommends having a processor Intel i5 8400 or better; Ryzen 5 2600 or better, and graphics card Gtx 1070 or better.

Artists' Bio

Manuel Alejandro Jiménez Reyes – Toronto (Canada)

Graduated with a degree in comprehensive videogame development, Manuel has always stood out for his spirit of self-improvement and love for video games. In his professional experience as an artist, his freelance work stands out for large companies such as Tencent Games, advertising agencies such as Quirk creative, and also big government initiatives such as impulsa labs from ciudad creativa digital.

Manuel is also a lover of knowledge, the knowledge he has used to create new pipelines and use of new technology for videogame development in universities such as the Universidad de Artes Digitales in Mexico, where he developed the academic program for their bachelor´s degree in videogame design as their academic coordinator. He also had the chance to teach at the Forsberg School in Sweden the use of several new techniques in lightning and real-time rendering.

Inez Kristina Baldacchino – Viborg (Denmark)

Design of ‘enemies’ and SFX for Highwave.