A multimedia interdisciplinary work drawing upon artists’ collaborative perception of playing with multidimensionality. No time-travelling allowed; however, the creation of their own reality is permitted. Artists wonder: will virtual reality still exist in a time where our reality has long been virtual?

Artists' instructions

For the best experience, use a screen with Ultra HD or HD resolution.

Artists' Bio

Jorge Ramos – Braga (Portugal)

Jorge Ramos is an award-winning composer, performer, and researcher. Currently, he is conducting his doctoral research on the influence of electronics on a composer’s orchestration practice at the Royal College of Music funded by the RCM and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Jorge is also a student member of the ACTOR Project.

Anna Kim – Gwangju (South Korea)

A multi-media artist currently based in Gwangju, South Korea. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she explores issues of ontology and the Anthropocene, especially through examining humanity’s relationship to technology and nature. As a Korean-American, she was deeply influenced by the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent wars which still continue today. Her work addresses coping with psychological traumas of violence, both personal and societal, and contemplates on the possibility of idealism, hope, and healing. In addition to her personal art practice, she currently holds a position as a researcher at the Korea Research Institute for Culture Technology.

Julien Gaillac – Enghien-les-Bains (France)

Creative director and choreographer, Julien Gaillac is a French artist and entrepreneur. He was a professional dancer for over a decade working for renowned choreographers. Julien now provides art direction, mise en scène, and choreography for projects with institutions, agencies, and international brands.