An alternative social media experience to open minds for understanding individual bodies.

Artists' instructions

Experiencing this online piece requires the following:

  • Web browser on an internet-connected laptop or desktop computer with speakers or headphones
  • Internet-connected mobile device with a camera app

Artists' Bio

ARCOS – Austin (USA)

ARCOS experiments rigorously to discover adventurous new forms of contemporary performance. ARCOS’ practice integrates overlapping layers of newer and older technologies in ways that question dominant understanding of the world, explore moments when cultures collide, and examine the turbulent processes of traditions in flux. ARCOS is co-directed by ELIOT GRAY FISHER, an interdisciplinary artist who bridges technology and performance, and ERICA GIONFRIDDO, a dance artist and educator who believes in the intelligent body each of us occupies.

Meiyan Chen – Karlsruhe (Germany)

A composer with a master’s degree in Music Informatics specializing in Music for Film and Games with Professor Damon Lee at the University of Music Karlsruhe, also working on music visualization, audio programming, and classical contemporary concert music. Her compositions are influenced by different genres of music from all over the world and capture and express differences in values, views on human rights, psychology, and ideological trends throughout different cultures. Her music has been performanced in Taipei (Taiwan), Strasbourg (France), Karlsruhe, Leipzig, and Dessau (Germany).

Taeheon Lee – York (UK)

A media artist who uses projection mapping, 3D sound, metaverse art, and film as his main mediums. Media art as therapy is the main goal of his works, and for this purpose, he delivers messages such as ‘recognition, reinterpretation, and reinforcement of the mind’ through his works. He worked as a residency artist in UNESCO Media Art City Gwangju, South Korea, and York, the UK (2021), and is working with the support of Young Artists from the ARTS COUNCIL KOREA(2022). Taeheon has an MA in Digital Direction from the Royal College of Art.