Born & Raised


The work focuses on the memory of people and places and on the gaps and limitations that are now created by the growing power of technology. The viewer has the opportunity to see into the thinking of both artists and in the double parallel projection, which is mixed and combined into one whole in the gallery, to perceive their own observations of the urban environment in which they live.

Artist's Bios

Mišo Hudák – Košice (Slovakia)

Mišo Hudák  is an active citizen and founder of the Východné pobrežie organization. He studied design and architecture, intermedia, fine art and documentary movies. He shoots documentaries and writes books about Košice, where he also lives. His most remarkable achievement was the display of  two of his works as a part of the Czechoslovak national pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2012. In the last ten years, he was selected several times as one of the top social innovators in Slovakia. He is a proud father and a proud citizen of his city, where he has been cycling since he was nine years old. However, his greatest joy is raising his daughter Hana.

Faiza Kracheni – Austin (USA)

Faiza Kracheni is an experimental film artist, musician, and educator from East Austin. She mainly works in non-narrative analog film and experimental media creation; she explores a variety of formats and techniques, including hand-developing her own film, painting directly onto celluloid, fast cutting and in-camera editing. As a self-taught artist, she focuses on accessible pathways into the arts outside of academia. For over ten years, she has been touring as a musician in the USA, Canada, and Mexico with multiple bands. She built a media arts center in East Austin, founded a film festival, and taught hundreds of students experimental and analog media techniques.