Portraying the City—Interpretation / C+C International Media Art Residency Program

Location Changsha
Type In Person
Format Exhibition
Language No language barrier

Successful inauguration of the public presentation of the China·Changsha C+C international residency program-the group exhibition: Portraying the City- Interpretation.

As the resulting presentation of the China-Changsha C+C International Media Art Residency Program, Portraying the City—Interpretation exhibits the individual and collaborative works of eight resident artists, and unfolds narratives and dialogues in three dimensions, “engaging with and depicting urban landscape”, “exploration and application of media technology”, and “observation and interpretation of cultural symbols”.

C+C International Media Art Residency Program took place in the context of Changsha being designated as the first UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts in China from 2017. In the era of drastic change, we literally live in various forms of media. The development of science and technology has facilitated the transmission of information, and technological innovation has also brought more possibilities for artistic expression, making the use of visual language more abundant on the foundation of traditional art. In this context, artists can use a variety of creative forms, both static and dynamic, to express their ideas and opinions. The exploration of innovation and imagination diversifies ways of communication.

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