Fostering Artificial Intelligence at Schools


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is believed to be a key driver of the 4th industrial revolution that will transform the economy and reinvent the nature of our work. We will increasingly be supported by and interact with technology that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. This calls for an education that prepares us for this future.

It is for those reasons that Braga, Creative City of Media Arts teamed up with Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain), and Belgian CollectiveUP, and Vrije Universiteit Brussels for the project Fostering Artificial Intelligence at Schools.

FAIaS’s ultimate goal is to improve the knowledge of artificial intelligence on children and youngsters. We break down this goal into the following high-level objectives:

  1. Improve high school students’ understanding of AI technologies and their impact.
  2. Provide teachers across subjects with online and offline tools & guidelines that can be readily integrated into their courses.
  3. Improve the knowledge of minorities and underprivileged groups in society specifically, through non-formal education.
  4. Build an online, interactive tool to let pupils and teachers experiment with AI

For more information visit the project’s website.