DrawWithDenmark is back

On March 1, Viborg is launching the second edition of their international drawing campaign. Following the 2021 theme of Hope, the 2022 edition is focused on Trust.

As they call: Trust is about feeling safe, friendship, love, and feelings in relations. It is about relationships with other beings, with systems, beliefs, technology, science, the universe, nature and yourself. Trust is what sends hope on adventures where we dare to leave tracks. Trust gives us the courage to dream and to act. Trust must be felt – and felt right. Trust arises in situations where we see others and feel see ourselves. Humans, and other beings, evolve through trustful relationships. Trust gives us the courage to be ourselves and to be something for others. If you are met with trust, you will wish to give back trust. Trust means trust. Trust is an underlying pillar of society.

Join us for this sounding initiative. For more information, visit Viborg’s webpage.

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