El Salón Pacífico presents two City to City projects

Since December 4, 2021, the MEC – Movement of Cultural and Creative Companies 2021 has been on display with its 4th edition of ‘El Salón Pacífico’. The first major exhibition in the city of Cali, entirely devoted to media arts, is situated in the underground room of the Museum of Modern Art la Tertulia de Cali. The exhibition brings together 30 works of local and regional artists, including Mauricio Ruiz and Daniel Escobar, both winners of the City to City 2021 and 2020 calls. Thus, Cali presents the work ‘The Portal’ in augmented reality, co-created by Mauricio and the artists Miyuki Oka from Sapporo, Japan, and Yilin Wang from Changsha, China; and an adaptation of the play ‘Water Mirrors’, co-directed by Daniel Escobar, alongside Mike Stubbs from York, UK. The exhibition has created the opportunity for the general public of Cali,national and international visitors to immerse themselves in the local media arts universe.

Experience now the 4th edition of ‘El Salón Pacífico’, curated by Juan Melo, thanks to the aftermovie.

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