Group exhibition of four creative cities and UNESCO partnerships in Noite Branca Braga

From September 2 to 4, Braga receives four works from four other European and international partner cities, inserted in the group exhibition “Europe and Beyond”. The artistic pieces by Anne-Sophie Emard, Jorge Ramos, Anna Kim and Julien Gaillac, Vitor Grilo and Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė will be exhibited at gnration and Theatro Circo.

As part of Noite Branca 2022, Braga Media Arts and Braga’27 join forces to present “Europe and Beyond”, an exhibition that brings together four works in the fields of media arts, visual arts, and design from partner cities such as Fortaleza (Brazil), Kaunas (Lithuania), Clérmont-Ferrand and Enghien Les Bains (France), and Gwangju (South Korea).

The interdisciplinary multimedia work “Blur 2.0”, winner of the 2022 edition of City to City, unites the artist Jorge Ramos from Braga to the South Korean artist Anna Kim and the French artist Julien Gaillac and it can be visited at the INL gallery of gnration. Also in the same gallery will be the installation “Forest Tectonics” where the artist explores a series of high-resolution digital animations and 3D prints, collaged with samples of tree parts collected from Lithuanian forests. In the main hall of Theatro Circo, Brazilian artist Vitor Grilo presents the interactive installation “#IssoNãoéPixação” about the relationship of the city of Fortaleza with architecture, advertising, and art. Also in the main hall will be the installation “Root” by French artist Anne-Sophie Emard about the representation of memory.

Over the last decade, the city of Braga has expanded the geographical scope of its cultural and artistic practices, establishing relationships with European and international partners. The group exhibition “Europe and Beyond” is the result of a partnership between Braga Media Arts and the candidacy project to become the European Capital of Culture, Braga’27, and will be inserted in the context of the Noite Branca Braga, a free cultural initiative that lasts three days and includes concerts, animation, activities in museums, parties, theater, and dance around different spaces of the city.

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