Sapporo International Art Festival 2024 Announces Program Outline

The Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee, together with Director OGAWA Hideaki, is pleased to announce the overall vision, program outline, and the first list of artists for Sapporo International Art Festival 2024 (SIAF2024), scheduled for January 20–February 25, 2024 with the theme Last Snow.

An opportunity to think about the future through domestic and international artworks and projects focusing on six venues in Sapporo
Just one year remains before the opening of the Sapporo International Art Festival 2024 (SIAF2024), the first SIAF to be held in winter. It will provide an opportunity to think about the future under the festival theme of Last Snow through artworks and projects that feature the latest expressions and groundbreaking ideas at the intersection of art, technology and science.

SIAF2024 as a whole will be designed to travel through the 200 years from 1924 through 2124, centering on 2024, with a concept set for each of its venues scattered in central and suburban Sapporo.

Aiming for the three Cs
The vision for SIAF2024 is expressed with the following three key words including Cs. To make this vision a reality, a diverse array of programs will be offered.

–Engine for Creativity (a driving force for future-oriented thinking)
–Cultural Infrastructure (an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the future)
–Citizen Participation (citizen and corporate participation & art for a society)

Coming soon: A host of SIAF2024 advance programs
SIAF will launch advance programs open to everyone about a year before the festival. The newly minted SIAF School will offer a series of lectures by experts, a program for SIAF2024 volunteers, and workshops for children.

SIAF2024 Director’s Message
The theme of this art festival, Last Snow, is a call for creativity and action for the sake of our future. Do we simply wait for the future to arrive and accept it? Or can we seize this moment as our last chance and begin to create our own future? In 2024, the Sapporo International Art Festival will create experimental zones in Sapporo aimed at provoking questions and inspiring actions for the future through art. We look forward to experiencing “where the future begins” together with you.

For more information visit this website.

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