Sapporo Presents SAPPORO 2122 Feature at 2022 NCCA International Conference on Creative Cities, Manila

On the 14th Dec 2022 in Manila, the International Conference on Creative Cities was hosted by the NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts), the Filipino inter-agency commission that coordinates cultural policies and programmes.

Speakers from the City of Sapporo were invited to present their experiences of “Good Practices, Impacts, and Challenges of Becoming a UNESCO Creative City” alongside presentations from creative cities Wonju – South Korea (Literature), Terrassa – Spain (Film), Cebu – Philippines (Design), Baguio – Philippines (Crafts and Folk Arts), and Kuching – Malaysia (Gastronomy). Amongst their good practices, Sapporo introduced their annual creative talent education programme, placing particular focus on “Creative Knock 2022”.

Creative Knock 2022 was a set of CG creation workshops welcome to even complete beginners held three times over the summer. After the workshops, participants created their own CG designs and these were integrated into a landscape feature video by professionals entitled “SAPPORO 2122: Sapporo’s Scenery 100 Years from Now”.

Sapporo was also able to present a number of their latest successful UCCN initiatives such as their principal collaborative project with fellow Media Arts cities “City to City,” a co-creation programme consisting of networking and partnering between selected artists from each city, coming together to make a joint piece of media arts work.

To find out more about the event and Sapporo’s endeavours as a creative city, please visit the dedicated page on the City of Sapporo official English-language website.

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